Once upon a Deadpool Trailer is out

The most-awaited trailer of Once upon a Deadpool has arrived. Ryan Reynolds and the team give us the first look at the new cut from Deadpool 2. Well, Once Upon A Deadpool is a heavily edited version of Deadpool 2 and a PG-13 Movie featuring the Merc With A Mouth out before the holidays.

Watch the trailer here:

In an Interview with Deadpool 2 co-writer Paul Wernick:

“We definitely shot new stuff. And recently too. After Deadpool 2 came out and we were all sitting around, we came to it less about the idea of let’s make a PG-13 movie and more, “Let’s talk a little bit about Deadpool." Wernick said.  "We were kicking around some ideas and then I think it was Ryan Reynolds who had the great framing device and we all got excited and went to the studio. They said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it. Fire up the cameras.”

As in a recent interview of Ryan Reynolds aka Deadpool announced to give $1 for every ticket sold to F-uck Cancer. He said, “Because it's the season of giving, we will also be giving $1 for every ticket sold to F-ck Cancer, which will be renamed Fudge Cancer just for this limited-time ad campaign,".

Once Upon a Deadpool is releasing on 12 December.

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