10 best binge-worthy animated series on Netflix

Best Animated Series on Netlfix

Year by year, Netflix continues to grow its library of Anime section and likewise this year Netflix added and acquired many hits and original animated series. Anime genre is getting bigger and better as shows like One Punch man and Attack on Titan made their way into the worldwide audiences. With all this popularity, Netflix has debuted their own originals animated shows like Bojack Horseman, Castlevania and Death Note which are highly acclaimed by the critics and audiences.

Here is a list of best animated series available on Netflix 

10. Disenchantment

Animated series on Netflix

Disenchantment is Netflix’s latest original anime created by Matt Groening best known for Simpsons and Futurama. Disenchantment is not that great as The Simpsons but it qualifies to give you good laughs as the show progresses. The storyline and characters are pretty original and keep you entertained. The series is set in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Dreamland, follows the story of Bean, an alcoholic princess, her companion Elfo and Luci, her personal demon. Disenchantment was renewed for a second season with a total of twenty episodes.

9. Devilman crybaby

Animated series on Netflix

An adaptation of Go Nagai’s classic manga ‘Devilman’ from the 1970s, Devilman Crybaby is a dark anime packed with gore and violence. Netflix has done a great job by creating high-quality English dub which make the series more interesting. It follows a boy, Akira who tasked to team up with his friend Ryo to fight back against the demons who were frozen in ice for millions of years. With an engaging story and characters, Devil Crybaby is a must watch for the anime fans.

8. Attack on Titan

Animated series on Netflix

Attack on Titan is an epic adventure anime with great action, music, and story. The show is totally brutal as it doesn’t follow the happy ending, it kills too many people and characters on that. It follows the brutal war between tiny humans versus giant titans. The series will take you deep inside its storyline and make you take a pause for a second and think how’s that happen. It’s totally a binged-worth anime series available on Netflix right now with a total of two parts.

7. F is for family

Animated series on Netflix

F is for Family is the new level brilliance adult animated comedy show. It provides top-notch gags and evolves more and more throughout its seasons. The series is set in the mid-70s which explore the family and work life of Frank Murphy starring Bill Burr. The show is really hilarious with an honest portrayal of family and workplace which gives realism to the show. A third season has been released on Netflix and could go for another season next year as Netflix already renewed other animated shows like Disenchantment and Bojack horseman.

6. Baki

Animated series on Netflix

Baki is a direct sequel to the first two seasons of Baki: The Grappler which was released a decade ago. The series is full of martial art action and tournaments which shows much real-world martial art actions. This is an adaptation of the Japanese manga series created by Keisuke Itagaki which follows the path of 13-year-old Baki Hanma to become the best fighter in the world. The third season with 13 episodes is available on Netflix and other 13 episodes are yet to release. Note: The first two seasons are not available on Netflix.

5. Rick and Morty

Animated series on Netflix

Originated from the short Animated parody film of Back in the Future, Ricky, and Morty is a hilarious show with R rated twist, dark humor, great visuals, and storyline. The series is worldwide acclaimed for its originality. Every episode of Rick and Morty is a roller coaster ride with so many laughs and have set a benchmark for animated series. Rick and Morty is currently streaming on Netflix. The fourth season will be released soon next year. 

4. Full metal alchemist: Brotherhood

Animated series on Netflix

Full metal alchemist: Brotherhood is the second adaptation of the original Full Metal Alchemist series. Brotherhood is stick to the Manga and more focused on the original story. You’ll love the series as it has a fantastic storyline, humor, action, and the characters. You’ll love the journey of Elric Brothers throughout the series. It’s a whole satisfying series as it makes you engage more and more throughout the series. Brotherhood is available in the English language on Netflix and I would recommend to every anime lover.

3. Castlevania

Animated series on Netflix

Unlike other Netflix anime series, Castlevania first season offered short, sharp and powerful characters. The best thing I loved about the series is the introduction and setup of the antagonist “Dracula”. With incredible art design and iconic characters, the series really need your attention. Producer Adi Shankar really did an incredible job by adapting the Japanese video game and loyal to the original game storyline.  The second season recently aired on October 26, 2018, and has been renewed for a third season with 10 episodes.

2. One punch man

Animated series on Netflix

This year Netflix has funded and released many Anime series on their platform and also renewed many anime shows for other seasons. Apart from that Netflix has acquired one of the most popular Japanese Show One Punch Man. The protagonist Saitama who can destroy anything in one punch sounds ridiculous right but that’s the catch here as the character of Saitama is very well written in every single episode. Season 1 is available right now on Netflix and Season 2 is going to release next year. So, this is the right time to finish the first season of One Punch Man.

Watch the trailer of second season:

1. Bojack Horseman

Animated series on Netflix

Bojack Horseman is one of the most rapidly growing adult animated series at Netflix. It is created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and stars Will Arnet as Bojack Horseman with a supporting cast Amy Sedaris, Alison Brie, Paul F. Tompkins, and Aaron Paul.  The series had mixed reviews on its debut but after season by season, the show is continued to get universal acclaim. Bojack is lauded for its cast, characters and satirical take on politics, celebrities, and current events. The critically acclaimed adult animated series is now renewed for a sixth season. So, don’t wait and just watch the entire series and laugh out loud.

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