Here is why streaming giant “Netflix” pulled the plug on Marvel Shows

Marvel Daredevil

This week we saw another downfall of a Marvel web series “Daredevil” which was truly unwelcome surprise for everyone. Previously, Netflix announced the cancellation of Iron Fist and Luke Cage and there are many factors behind the recent cancellations but later in a Twitter post of Matthew Ball identified what really happened between Netflix and Marvel and it appears that the number of episodes in each Marvel Shows is the main culprit.

Ball said, “10/ Netflix reportedly wanted to shorten the seasons, thereby reducing total spend and improving retention and quality (Netflix’s shows, especially the Marvel ones, are famously bloated). Reportedly from 13 eps to 6-8.”

Well, that might look like a small adjustment as Luke Cage and Daredevil well received by the critics and audiences. But Disney has different thoughts and led to recent cancellations.

As we have seen many Netflix shows are under 10 episodes and they would want the same for the Marvel Shows but Disney has a different viewpoint and with Disney + platform these characters could fit into their self-created Universe. 

In another Twitter post Ball wrote, "12/ So Disney liked balked. The value wasn’t there for either party. It once was. And everyone is now tired of financing another party’s enterprise value growth – the economic incentives (cost minimization and upside maximization) drive vertical integration,"

Now, there are only two Marvel Shows left Punisher and Jessica Jones but they will suffer the same fate. But never say never, we might see these character in a new form and a new platform.

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