Ray Park will not return for Snake Eyes Spin-off

Snake Eyes

Ray Park best known for playing Darth Maul in Star Wars movies and Snake Eyes in G.I Joe movies. But as for now Park won’t be reprising for his role as Snake Eyes in the upcoming spin-off of G.I Joe prequel. The producer of G.I Joe and Transformers confirmed the news in an interview of his upcoming film Bumblebee.

Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, producer of the Transformers franchise and in the recent interview, the producer talked about the future of Snake Eyes Spin-off film and there he was asked about the actor Ray Park and here is what he said.

"Probably not, because we are going to the origin story. As you know in the comic book, you saw his face. And it is, I'll say, the formation of a hero. So you've got to see somebody and it can't be Ray's age, unfortunately."

So, there it is. The producers want to cast a young actor for the role of Snake Eyes and someone who talk and able to show his face as Park is specialised for the silent roles and full masked characters like Darth Maul, Toad and Snake Eyes. After all this, its looks like there is nothing against Park and it all came up with a practical problem which is the old age of Park.

Moreover, Evan Spiliotopoulos best known for Beauty and Beast and Huntsman: Winter's War screenplay is hired as screenplay writer for the Spin-off and Robert Schwentke is to direct.

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